This To Do In Iowa

Traveling to a state like Iowa can be exciting because people are going to learn something new, but also because they will discover their is more to Iowa than corn, soybeans, and hogs. The problem is for a lot of people that is all they know about Iowa and they tend to consider the state as nothing more than the farming capital of the world. By knowing some of the things to do, though, they will see the state is a great place to travel to and one they will want to go to time and time again.

The Mississippi River is a place that has played an important role in the history of America. However, in Iowa the river is very important and it is even important enough that people have established the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. At this location people can start to explore the historical impact the river has played on history. Not to mention the aquarium will let people see fish that they have never seen before, but also learn about some of the regions fish it is easy to see why this is such an important stop to make.

Decorah’s Scandinavian Museum is a place that is going to allow people to explore their Scandinavian history. This museum will show off the innovations of the settlers of the region, but also make it easier for people to track their history and family. If people think they have any type of Scandinavian blood in their system then this is a must see attraction that is present in Iowa to guarantee they are able to see what their ancestors went through to help them get the best life in America.

John And Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park is another destination that is a must see in Iowa. This is a park that is well known for having some great art pieces that people will want to view. The park is fairly small in relation to most of the parks people are used to visiting at only 4.4 acres, but it is a park that has artwork from over 22 well known and in some cases world renowned artist. All of these exhibits are displayed in the park tastefully and in a way it is easy for people to enjoy seeing.

The Iowa State Fair is a place that has something for everyone. The fair is a must stop if people are in the state when the fair is going on. At the fair it is easy for people to have something to do the entire day. They can easily find something from the rides that all of the fairs are famous for having to the simple, but masterfully completed animal displays that are brought in by kids and adults alike who have worked long and hard in getting the animals trained and ready to be put on display. What is interesting is if people have the free time to watch any of the animal judging that goes on in the fair.

Pella is a name a lot of people will think about doors and windows with. What they need to realize is this is a great town in Iowa as well. Pella is a town that has a very rich history as being a Dutch town and they really like to showcase this history. The architecture is based of of the same seen in Holland, but what is even better is the fact this is a town that takes its Dutch history to heart as the bakeries, food and cultural traditions are based of of the Dutch ancestral ties.

Boone And Scenic Valley Railroad is something the rail fans will like. This is a place that is going to allow people to take a step back in time and get to see the different ways the steam power of the railway helped shape the way of life. This is a beautiful trip people will be able to go on and see some of the different things they want to see.

Grundy County in Iowa is a place that makes it easier for people to have a good time seeing the different farmland, but also lets people have a good time because they can see the different barns that have the quilt pattern on them. This in turn makes it interesting because people have a chance to see the quilt patterns while exploring all of the countryside and beautiful Iowa farms.

Movie sets may not seem like they are that big of a deal, but in Iowa their was a couple of very famous movies produced in the state. The state has kept the sets and for the lovers of these movies they still have a chance to go out and see the sets.

The first movie set people may recognize involves a cornfield. Yes, that is right it is nothing more than the movie set for the famous Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams. So even with it being in a corn field it is one that a lot of people will not mind going out and seeing for either personal reasons or just fulfilling a life dream.

The Bridges of Madison County is based off of a real location. That location is none other than the Madison County in Iowa. So this will be a great trip for lovers of this movie to take because they can see all of the bridges and feel an even deeper connection to the movie.

Lovers of the television how American Pickers knows the business is based out of Iowa. With that being said if they want a chance to go out and buy some of the uncovered treasures by Mike and Frank they should really make it a point to stop at the store and do a little bit of shopping, but also have the chance to run into any of the stars of the show as they go about the job of running their business outside of the show.

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